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Best Xtreme Comfort Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) Browband Review Description

Problem: The Advanced Combat Helmet Adjustable SkydexTM Pad System is designed to let sweat run down your forehead and right into your eyes! The pads tend to cause hot spots. Solution: Our easy-to-install Xtreme-ComfortTM padded browband. No helmet alteration required, just adjust the pads, install, and you’re good to go with more comfort than you imagined. Keeps sweat out of the eyes, cools and controls the cause of odor and discomfort. Relieves some of the “pressure point” sensitivity. Your next best friend on duty and in combat. How Does XTREME-COMFORTTM Work? A silky smooth DuPont CoolmaxĂ‚® DacronĂ‚® polyester band lining pulls sweat away from the forehead, through the fabric, and into the unique antimicrobial MicrobisoftTM hydrophilic foam core. MicrobisoftTM is a “breathable” 3/8” thick medical grade foam with embedded polymer that features high moisture vapor transmission and absorption. The collected moisture is dissipated by evaporation that provides additional cooling. Controlled release Silver-ion technology provides anti-bacterial and anti-fungal protection to reduce odors and skin irritation. Combined with the ThermoTuxTM Cool-AidTM ACH Helmet Insert, you have a head comfort package that surpasses any other design available.

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